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3) Acting as a liaison between suppliers and oilier company departments. Including engineering, quality
control manufacturing production control, and finance on all problems involving purchased materials: and
suppliers that I contribute to company profit objective.

Production and inventory control deals with the movement of materials from the receiving dock through
production to the loading dock3. One of the objectives here is to reduce the time (called dock -- to line
time). It takes for- materials arriving at the receiving dock to reach their point of use. Automated storage
and material handling and inventory control.

The distribution function, also termed traffic, physical distribution is responsible for arranging the means
of shipping finished goods and controlling inventory levels at

various storkkeping points in the field.

The basic objective is to meet the customer's delivery requirements at the lowest possible cost. This entails
a trade-off among warehousing and Inventory cost and transportation cost.

Materials management is a critical function not only in manufacturing but also in utilities, hospitals and the


1 Materials Management управління матеріальними ресурсами

2 on a par with на одному рівні

3 the loading dock док з вантажем, вантажний док.


The annual report and accounts of enterprises are often the most Important source of Information to trade
unionists because they are the only facts about the enterprises, which are openly published and easily
available. But a great deal of information which trade unions would find useful is that which is assembled by
management for its own purposes in its day-to-day running of the interpise.

Management is concerned with how funds are distributed and used within the enterprise, with - the performance
of different parts of the enterprise, and with the over-all development of the enterprise's activities. It
therefore needs to organize a continuos flow of information about the detailed operations of the enterprise in
order to exercise control and to plan ahead. Trade union need this kind of Information:

-Because it relates to all levels within an enterprise so that unions can, for example, compare, labour costs
and profits In different parts of the enterprise:

-Because it deals with subjects not contained in the report

and accounts such as the marketing and export strategies of the enterprise:

-Because, above all. Internal management information systems are concerned with plans and intentions for the
future as veil as what has happened in the past, such as wich parts of the enterprise might be closed down
with consequent loss of jobs: areas within vhich the activities of the enterprise might be expanded: and the
scale and form of investment to be undertaken in the coming period.

A comprehensive Recommendation concerning Communications between Management and Workers within the Undertaking
was adopted be the International Labour Conference in 1967. It contains the following sentence: " An
effective policy of communication should ensure that information is given and that consultation takes place
between the parties concerned before decisions on matters of major interest are taken by management. In so far
as disclosure of the information will not cause damage to either party." It is specified that one item on
which information should be given is " general situation of the undertaking and prospects or plans for its
future development." The Recommendation applies to all enterprises, whether publicly or privately owned, and
received broad support.


1. a great deal of Information багато інформації

2. day-to-day running повсякденна робота

3. in the coming period за поточний проміжок часу

4. takes place має місце, відбувається.


Since 1975 the personal computer has changed the world of business. It the past the slide ruler, adding
machine, the telegraph, the telephone, the hand calculator and the airplane each greatly affected the way
business is done.

Today the computer has began to greatly affect the marketing


Computer programs are now available for collecting assessing and analyzing data and even projecting or
predicting the future based upon current trends. Some market conditions so those marketers can protest
strategies. These are mostly experimental but within a very short time they will be as commonly available as
the personal computers are today.

With the use of telephone modems, connected to personal computers and computers printers and data base
marketers today can assess information about any market, segment of a market, even a specific buyer anywhere
in the world right from their' own office.

Computer- software is now available to write data collecting questionnaires. Job interview forms, analyze
advertising media effectiveness, sales and marketing management, create graphs and charts for analysis of
market trends.

Some personal computer companies in specific marketing areas of consumer goods, forest products, mining
products and capital equipment plan for the future up to 50 years by forecasting trends in possible and
probable long-term marketing conditions.


data base база даних

software програмне забезпечення

trends тенденції '


Banks are among the most important financial institutions. The way in which a bank is organized and operates
is determined by its objectives. The first and most important function of a central bank is to accept
responsibility for advising the government on the making of


the country's financial policy, and then to see that is carried out- The aim of commercial banks is to earn
profit. Over the years banks have developed its structures designed to perform, these various roles and to
supply the services their customers' demand- Banks are usually organized to follow their functions and supply
the services demanded by them as efficiently as possible.

The large banks possess son's potential advantages over small and medium - size banks. Because the largest
institutions serve nanv different markets with nanny different services, they are better diversified, both
geographically and by product line, to withstand the risks of a fluctuating economy- They also possess the
important advantage of being able to raise financial capital at relatively low cost and the professional
ewertlse to focus that new capital on the mast promising loans and business acquisitions.

The oldest and most common banking organizations in the United States are unit banks1. They offer all of their
services from one office though a small number of services (such as taking deposits or cashing checks) may be
offered, from limited-service facilities, such as drive-in windows,


automated teller machines C AIM ) and retail store point-of-sale POS terminals that are linked to the banks
computer system.

Where law and regulations permit the bank may form a branch banking organization. The full range of banking
services is offered from several locations, including head office and- one or more branch offices.

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